Prenatal screening: Why choose Prenato?

14 April 2020

This is a straightforward question that we are often asked. With several players in the field of prenatal screening and a free test offered to the public, it often happens that our future clients start by literally asking us for arguments for choosing Prenato. The famous “why would I choose you more than another clinic?” Of course, we are always happy to answer you and it is often the case that after explaining who we are, you make an appointment! So here is the exercise for those who will never dare to ask!


The team
It may sound cliché, but at Prenato, we try to find the cream of the crop. From our auxiliary to clinical nurses, all are passionate about perinatality and have experience in the field. So you are asking your questions to health professionals who have a background to answer you with credibility. Pregnancies at risk, delivery rooms, nurseries, premature babies… From CHUL to Sainte-Justine, our human resources are a great pride for Prenato! In addition to being competent, they are friendly and very human! You will immediately feel comfortable with them.


The personalized support
Our support, it comes with the team! At Prenato, we offer you one hour of free support when you do a prenatal screening test with us! Why do it? Because we don’t think a baby comes only with the worry of a genetic abnormality. We know that our patients sometimes have doubts and questions, and they need a trained professional to answer them. Access to a doctor is often difficult and a Prenato nurse can often answer you effectively! Your Prenato nurse becomes your ally and remains available throughout your pregnancy and even after. Listening to the fetal heart, taking blood pressure, preparing for childbirth, helping with the hospital suitcase, breastfeeding support, there are so many reasons to come back to us.


One blood test instead of two. A partner clinic to carry out the blood test if you live far from a Prenato point of service? An appointment that takes place quickly, offered quickly and even walk-in for some clinics?  We’re doing everything we can to make your life easier! Want to do your routine 1 during the same appointment? We do both and save you a lot of time since you won’t have to travel twice or wait in a CLSC for hours!


Our fetal DNA tests offer reliability of up to 99.9% for trisomy 21. We know we can deliver results you can rely on and count on. They can also be done as early as the 10th week of pregnancy. However, reliability should never become the crutch of customer service. Although our tests are innovative, customer service remains our top priority!


The speed of making appointments. The speed to get an appointment. The speed to get your results. We are efficient and we love to be! We take our time to chat with you, but we know that for other aspects like making appointments and getting results, you don’t want to wait. For fetal DNA, we are talking about  3 to 5 working days of laboratory analysis. For a pregnant woman who does her test at 10 weeks, it is quite possible to get the results at the 11th week.  So in the first trimester of pregnancy!


Our laboratories are in America. At Prenato, no analysis is sent to Asia or Europe. This minimizes the risk of loss or contamination during transport and reduces reception times. Our repeat sample rates are very, very low and your samples are treated with great care.


If all this doesn’t convince you yet, call us or write  to us and we’ll answer your questions. You’ll see, we’re as friendly on the phone as we are on the web!

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