Pregnancy follow-up

Prenato is proud to offer you access to private and personalized pregnancy monitoring in our Quebec and Montreal clinics. Since access to services is not always easy to find quickly, we offer you the possibility of experiencing your pregnancy follow-up appointments in a calm and pleasant environment.

From the beginning of your pregnancy, you will have a first appointment with our nurse to do all the data collection and open your medical file. You will be able to ask your questions and address your concerns related to the start of pregnancy. Thereafter, you will meet one of our doctors, at around 8 weeks, to do your health examination and obtain all your prescriptions for the various tests to be done in the first trimester.

You will be able to have your blood samples and ultrasounds taken with us by making an appointment before leaving. (Extra charge) Allowing you to have all your appointments in one place is our way of offering you peace of mind, so you can focus on what’s most important: enjoying your pregnancy!


Our doctors will provide pregnancy monitoring until your delivery. The delivery will be taken care of by the on-call doctor of the chosen establishment. Then they will see you again for your postnatal follow-up around 4 to 6 weeks postpartum. Wecan also monitor your baby for 1 month if you have not yet found a family doctor for your baby. Our nurse will also do a telephone follow-up in the postnatal period to make sure that everything is going well, and to answer your questions if necessary.


  • Personalized service
  • Rapid on-boarding process
  • Ongoing support
  • Access to an experienced perinatal team



  • 1h initial meeting: opening of the medical file with our nurse &  doctor
  • Follow-up with nurse and doctor every:
    4 -6 weeks until week 30
    2-3 weeks between week 30 & 36
    1-2 weeks until childbirth
  • Call from the nurse 72 hours after delivery
  • Newborn follow-up (1 appointment at one month)
  • Follow-up 1 month postpartum (possibility of emergency appointment)

RATES (not covered by RAMQ)

*with receipts for private insurance


Initial appointment: $349*

Follow-up appointment: $199*

Other forms: $75



Your pregnancy follow-up is publicly available, but your first appointment is after the 12th week of pregnancy? Would you like to meet a health professional beforehand to reassure you, and obtain all your prescriptions to start your follow-up?


Prenato offers you the possibility of making your initial pregnancy follow-up appointment with our nurse and Dr. Hébert as of the 8th week. You will leave with all the prescriptions necessary for your first appointments (blood samples, ultrasounds, screenings) as well as your medical file that you can give to your treating professional.


We offer you quick access to this long-awaited first meeting in order to reassure you and allow you to enjoy your early pregnancy without stress.


RATE: $349 (not covered by RAMQ)

*with receipts for private insurance

Other forms: $75




Nothing is more stressful than bleeding during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. Support within 24 hours of your call is possible with one of our doctors in order to make a complete assessment and provide you with the necessary prescriptions for rapid support.

RATE: $199 (not covered by RAMQ)

*with receipts for private insurance