Prices – Montreal

All of the plans listed below include a prenatal support service.

Please note that a $20.00 fee (taxes not included) will be charged during your first visit at Prenato. This fee covers the opening of your file and file review.

A valid prescription is required for all screening tests.

Selected prices

Services Prix
Blood pregnancy test $75
First trimester routine blood tests Variable price depending on analysis
Second trimester routine blood tests $260
Glucose screening test Variable price depending on analysis
Whooping cough vaccine $75
Dating ultrasound with prescription included (certain conditions apply) $259
Ultrasound - Dating $160
Ultrasound - Nuchal Translucency $199
Ultrasound - Nuchal Translucency - twins $299
Ultrasound - 2nd trimester
Ultrasound - 3rd trimester $260
Gynecological ultrasound (pelvic, IUD placement, post-miscarriage) $ 170
Fertility Ultrasound $170
Pregnancy Follow-up Starting at 349 $
Pediatric follow-up Starting at 199 $

Deal prices


Between the 11th and 14 th week

Risk calculation based on serum markers, maternal factors and ultrasound measurments.


  • The main trisomies (18 and 21)
    Screens up to 98% of cases of trisomy 21

Nuchal translucency ultrasound necessary

Results within 3 to 5 business days, analyzed in Quebec

Access to fetal DNA screening free of charge in cases of high risk of trisomy 21 ≥1/2500 or high risk of trisomy 18.

Possible options :

  • Serum marker screening (nuchal translucency ultrasound performed at another facility) $375
  • Serum marker screening with Prenato nuchal translucency $510
  • Serum marker screening with fetal sex $499
  • Serum marker screening with fetal sex and Prenato nuchal translucency $675

375 $


As early as the 10 th week

Blood test

Analysis of the fetal DNA from the maternal blood test.


Trisomy chromosomes 13, 18 and 21

Fetal gender

Reliability up to 99.9%

Results between 3 to 5 business days of laboratory analysis

Nuchal translucency ultrasound at $ 185 with this service

Available options

  • + $ 0: Sex chromosome aneuploidies (+fetal sex)
  • + $ 50 : Microdeletions* with or without sex chromosome aneuploidies (+fetal sex)
  • + $ 50 : All trisomies (all 23 pairs of chromosomes) and sex chromosome aneuploides (+fetal sex)
  • + $ 100 : All trisomies (all 23 pairs of chromosomes), sex chromosome aneuploidies (+fetal sex) and microdeletions *
    • * 22q11.2 deletion (DiGeorge)
    • *15q11.2 (Angelman / Prader-Willi)
    • *1p36 deletion
    • *4p- (Wolf-Hirschhorn)
    • *5p- (Cri-du-chat)

549 $


Available as an option with the purchase of a prenatal screening test and a nuchal translucency ultrasound.


Between the 11th and 13 th week


Blood test

Based on serum, ultrasound and maternal markers. Reliability up to 90%Allows the prevention of pre-term preeclampsia (before 36 weeks of pregnancy)

125 $