Remote Test

From the 10th week of pregnancy, treat yourself with Prenato! We offer prenatal screening anywhere in Canada. *

By developing a remote service, Prenato can now offer future mothers access to high-performance tests and personalized support.

We offer you easy access to the best performing prenatal screening tests.

It can sometimes be difficult to get specialized medical care. During the perinatal period, many worried future parents are willing to travel for hours to be offered tests and care that are not available in their area. With Prenato, expectant Canadian parents can have local access to a highly reliable cell-free DNA test (99.9%) that is superior to what is currently available in their area.

You benefit from prenatal care with one of our nurses.

At Prenato, we offer you access to a team of trained and competent professionals during all stages of your pregnancy. In choosing Prenato, you will have the chance to communicate remotely with our experienced perinatal nurses. Whether by video, phone or email, our nurses will be happy to answer your questions and support you if you have any concerns. Our team can also communicate directly with your health care professional so that you get the best care for your pregnancy and your needs.


Would you like to have prenatal screening with us? Send your request online or by phone at 1 877-362-8602.

* Certain conditions apply.