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Ultrasound at Prenato

Ultrasound scans are precious moments for expectant parents. Prenato offers a complete range of ultrasounds during pregnancy. These are performed by experienced obstetrical ultrasound technologists. In addition to offering you a unique and personalized experience, these healthcare professionals are responsible for providing a maximum number of quality images to the obstetrician-gynecologists who will interpret them and make recommendations to your healthcare professional.


We provide time slots that allow enough time for you to enjoy a gentle experience, all in a warm atmosphere. You’ll be able to choose a few photos to print as a souvenir.


Our team of nurses will be there for you if needed. They will be able to support you and quickly follow up with your treating professional if the situation requires it.


Ultrasound scans at Prenato are reimbursable, in whole or in part, by most collective insurance plans.


As these are medical examinations, a prescription is required for each ultrasound service (except for the 3D recreational ultrasound).


Viability ultrasound

The purpose of a viability ultrasound is to validate the progress of your pregnancy and verify that your baby is growing in your uterus and not elsewhere.

  • Conducted around the 7th week of pregnancy
  • To determine the site of implantation when there is a risk of ectopic pregnancy. In these circumstances, ultrasound can be performed earlier
  • Can be performed during acute pelvic pain with/without bleeding, or during bleeding in the first trimester.
  • Allows visualization of cardiac activity (from the 7th week)
  • Recommended following insemination or embryo transfer

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Dating ultrasound

The purpose of a dating ultrasound is to define your gestational age and estimate your expected delivery date, based on certain measurements taken on your baby.


  • Conducted between the 7th and 11th week of pregnancy
  • Confirms whether it’s a single or multiple pregnancy
  • Allows you to observe your baby’s heartbeat
  • Determines your estimated delivery date (if performed after the 8th week)
  • Indicated for irregular menstrual cycles
  • No longer automatically offered in the public sector
  • Time slots easily accessible in private practice
  • Telemedicine prescription available from Prenato (including ultrasound examination)

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1st trimester morphology ultrasound (nuchal translucency)

This ultrasound is recommended for all pregnant women, regardless of their choice of prenatal blood screening. It allows us to take certain measurements of your baby, to visualize your ovaries and uterus, and to take several images and videos of your baby in order to screen for any potential anomalies.


  • Conducted between 11 4/7 and 13 6/7 weeks, preferably as of 12 3/7 weeks
  • Time slots of 40 to 45 minutes for singleton pregnancies
  • At Prenato, you’ll benefit from a complete morphology ultrasound, according to the highest quality standards recommended by the world’s leading medical societies.
  • Rapid care in the event of a suspected anomaly


The nuchal translucency measurement, which is analyzed during the first-trimester ultrasound, is an ultrasound measurement of the subcutaneous space at the nape of the fetal neck. It is an important marker in the risk analysis of trisomy 21 screening by serum markers.


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2nd trimester morphology ultrasound

This ultrasound is offered routinely and is accessible to all pregnant women in Quebec. It is also called a morphology ultrasound. It is the most extensive routine examination of the pregnancy, visualizing all your baby’s organs in order to detect anomalies.  Measurements are also taken to ensure that your baby’s growth is optimal.


  • Performed between 19 and 23 weeks, strongly suggested between 21 0/7 and 22 6/7 weeks
  • Allows assessment of your baby’s complete morphology
  • 60-minute time slot for singleton pregnancies
  • Includes a USB key with images of your baby
  • Examination that officially declares normality


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3rd trimester ultrasound

This ultrasound is generally recommended for certain specific indications. It is not necessarily offered to all pregnant women. Its purpose is to confirm your baby’s position, review the location of the placenta, measure the amount of amniotic fluid and evaluate your baby’s growth, amongst other things. Some requests for special 3rd trimester ultrasounds (high-risk pregnancies or particular previous ultrasounds) may be refused at Prenato and referred to a hospital center for faster management if necessary.


  • Recommended gestational age may vary according to clinical indication
  • 30-minute time slot for a singleton pregnancy
  • Previous ultrasound reports and prescription required when booking appointment
  • This ultrasound is not routinely offered

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Pelvic ultrasound – gynecology

Prenato offers you the possibility of fast gynecological ultrasound follow-ups.


  • Evaluation of unexplained pelvic pain
  • Follow-up of ovarian cysts
  • Search for myomas
  • Verification of IUD position
  • Evaluation of post-miscarriage debris
  • Post-partum evaluation of your uterus

In addition, it is possible to carry out your ultrasound follow-up related to preconception (also known as fertility) when you have a medical follow-up in progress.


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Preconception ultrasound (fertility)

Prenato offers you the possibility of quickly carrying out your ultrasounds in regards to your fertility follow-up.


  • Ovarian reserve (between days 2 and 5)
  • Follicular tracking (depending on cycle, usually between days 11 and 16)
  • Endometrial measurement (for embryo implantation)

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Prenato collaborates with a team of specialized physicians to carefully read the images. They ensure the consistent quality of our ultrasound examinations.

  • Ann-Edwidge Noel:
    Postdoctorate in maternal-Fetal medicine
  • Dina Zaki:
    Post-doctorate in maternal-fetal medicine
  • Dr Laurent-Henri Tordjman:
    Post-doctorate in maternal-fetal medicine
  • Dr Caroline Carpentier:
    Doctorate in Obstetrics and Gynecology with subspecialty in first-trimester ultrasound
  • Geneviève Gagnon:
    Doctorate in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Fellowship in Obstetrical and Gynecological Ultrasound