Prenato | COVID-19: Many precautions for you!

14 April 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now on everyone’s minds and it is hard to ignore the general feeling of panic. Prenato is an essential service for future parents. Whether through prenatal screening, ultrasound or support, it is difficult for us to close our service without compromising access to quality care. However, from the first warnings from the government and Health Canada, we adjusted our services to ensure your safety.


This situation is taken seriously by our team. Hygiene measures in our points of service are already very high. However, in the current context, we have made the decision to put in place various procedures to protect ourselves and to protect you.



If you speak with a member of our team, whether administrative or nursing, they are working from home. A computer, access to patient data, and a cell phone allow our team to stay at home. The isolation imposed on all of us is important and we are committed to doing our utmost to respect it. For in-person meetings, we also make sure that our employees are healthy and that they are not returning from travel. All prenatal support will be via Skype or telephone.



A limited number of patients will be scheduled to allow a single nurse to take multiple prenatal screening samples in a more limited timeframe. Time for total disinfection between each patient will be required. This also allows you to be alone with your Prenato health professional. You will not be in contact with a receptionist or other clients in a waiting room.


Access rules

Every person who enters the clinic will be questioned before their visit via a health questionnaire to ensure their well-being. Our team is trained to recognize risks and may require you to not attend the clinic. If a nurse deems you to be at risk, she will refer you to the government’s Coronavirus COVID-19 service.


Spouse, friends and family

Prenato now asks you to show up alone at your appointment. Your spouse, friends or children will not be admitted to the clinic. This will minimize travel to our premises and ensure that contagion zones are limited.


Safer locations

Some clinics that are currently near hospitals or in the same building as a medical clinic will be relocated to temporary premises. These more isolated spaces will not be accessed by clients that may pose a risk to your health. You could therefore be directed to offices that may be much less decorated, but very safe.


Remote prenatal screening

If you know a nurse who can help you, we can provide you with a prenatal screening kit to carry out at your home. You then minimize your risks.


So here are some of the precautions that our team is putting in place. They come from a long list that our staff are all committed to respecting. For an appointment or for more information, call us at 1-877-362-8602.

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